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SSL Certificates

An SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Certificate is a digital certificate that authenticates the identity of a website and encrypts communication between the server and the visitors’ browser. It establishes a secure communication channel which protects sensitive data, such as login details, payment details and other personal information.

When a user visits a website that has a valid SSL Certificate, the browser verifies that the certificate is authentic and that the website is safe, displaying a green padlock symbol in the browser bar.

How to buy an SSL Certificate

Before purchasing, you need to decide which kind of SSL Certificate best suits your needs, by looking at the features described on the relevant pages: Once you have chosen the most suitable type of SSL Certificate, you can purchase it directly from the website, firstly selecting the guarantee level by clicking on:
  • Warranty Standard
  • or Warranty Plus
  1. choose the Certificate option you want from those shown in the dropdown menu:
    • Single domain
    • Up to 5 domains
    • 1 domain + subdomains
  2. then click on Buy now DV, Buy now OV, Buy now EV, depending on which kind of certificate you have chosen:

  3. the next screen shows a summary of the services you have selected: you can complete the order by clicking on Continue or buy more services by clicking on Continue shopping:

  4. sign in using your account login details or register again;
  5. check the billing details shown; click on Continue to proceed:

  6. select your preferred payment method; for more information about payment methods, please refer to the relevant guide;
  7. accept the terms and conditions;
  8. click on Continue to payment:

The confirmation screen will show the order details and any information you need to provide to complete the order depending on the payment method selected.

Once you have purchased the SSL Certificate, follow the steps outlined in the guide.